Friday, January 27, 2012

It gets better.

 This is going out to all the plus sized people out there who are sick and tired of everyone treating
them like garbage. It breaks my heart that so many are unaware of what's available to us.
Listen to me very carefully. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!!! Don't ever change.
The thing is; people are slaves to their senses. (us included) So naturally by instinct we want to make
sense of the world by mastering it in our own image. Sadly we are still very much animal.  However 
please know there is hope; if the African Americans in the 60's hadn't been willing to fight tooth and
toenail for their rights; Obama would not be president today. If we want it bad enough; we can have
equality. We can have the peace of mind knowing that when we walk down the street we wont fall prey to open blatant bigotry. But we will have to walk through the fire of a thousand burning crosses first. So don't you ever give up. There are size acceptance mongering communities all over the place.
Get connected. Get involved. Live. Love. Build up. And celebrate. The world is not as small as you
might think. There is a movement happening. A real renaissance. We need to have a parade....A march....The million FATTY march on the White House fallowed by a public apology from the First
lady her self for being so hypocritical as to incite prejudice in this Great Nation of ours where
equality is what sets us apart. Don't fool your self; expect opposition. How bad do you want it? 
 And it is CRAZY that people who have been pooped on feel the need to poop on others. Why is it that some communities can demand the right to dignity while others can't? And why dose no one want to talk about it? For someone who has suffered bigotry to try and make someone else go through it too is despicable. Why are you allowed to be but not me? Don't you care that you're perpetuating prejudice? I NEED EQUALITY!!!! Weather you like it or not; I'm fighting for it.
And what really bothers me is people using health concerns as an excuse to bully fat people. I eat
twice a day. I exercise every morning. My thyroid is fine. My cholesterol is perfect. So is my blood pressure. Diabetes? Not even close! And I am a size 28(3XL). This is just the way I'm supposed to be. But you don't care that I'm healthy. All you care about is what I look like. I say one rule for all.
Instead of accepting some people how they look or the way they are; we should just make
every one jump through hoops to fit in to your aesthetic sensibility cookie cutter right?
People of color can bleach there skin and gay men can put a bag over her head and do it for old
glory.... Forced conformity is as anti-American as it gets folks. America is about freedom to be.
I have an idea: how about  you get a real life and worry about something important.
For instance; there is a sex offender registry. If you have children you should be paying
attention to how many child molesters live on your block. As for my BBW
sisters in the trenches; Stay strong, it is getting better and here is the proof. I love you.
Please click:  P.S. No spam just mad as hell. Also a word of caution.
The BBW sites are mostly dating and specialty porn sites and there is a copious community of
admirers of (Big Beautiful Women). These men are referred to as chubby chasers. Unfortunately most chubby chasers are like most other men in that they primarily have only one thing on their minds. While I think it's fantastic that there are a lot of men out there who dig my bodacious bod as is; I have a fear that so many plus sized girls and women are so beaten down by society, their peers
and even their own families that they might turn to these sites for validation. I would suggest
finding yourself in the other types of fat empowerment sites because a lot of attention right at first might make it hard to keep things in perspective. Fetish doesn't = love. And existing for the sole purpose of feeding someone Else's sexual gratification is SAD and PATHETIC and that is not all there is for us. Remember a person who is one dimensional is a very boring person and you can do better. For instance it is a little known fact that a very high percent of enlisted (military) men prefer plus sized women. And now that they are back re-entering civilian life and no doubt looking to settle down with a good BBW: I think it would be a very thoughtful gesture to start a welcoming committee. (you know for moral support) And for you naysayers out there: before you post your snarky little comments I would like to point out some interesting facts about your selves. In the 50's Marilyn Monroe was a perfect size 12 and in the 90's Julia Roberts was a perfect size 6 and in 2012 you can't enter a national beauty pageant unless you are a perfect size 0. I think it's quite a coincidence that the rise of the age of the Supper Model simultaneously marks the take off of kiddy porn in America. The fact that we're being conditioned isn't what surprises me. It's how easily it's being done that surprises me. Areyou really that weak minded or are you just a latent pedophile desperately searching for justification? And as for my fellow Christians out there King Solomon had this to say: "My baby got back!" SONG OF SONGS 7: 2-3 And besides that if you're a true believer then you know a time is coming when people will have to choose between taking the mark of the beast and eating. Tell me, who would be more likely to resist, and survive for that matter?